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Power Rectifier Diode Д112 Series (D112 Series)

Power rectifier diodes belonging to the D112 series are classified as general-purpose pin diodes. These diodes are specifically engineered to convert both direct and alternating current, supporting currents of up to 25A, the exact value depending on the particular series. They operate within a frequency range of up to 500 Hz and are designed for circuits with a voltage rating spanning from 100 V to 1600 V. The polarity of these diodes is indicated by an icon on the case, with the base serving as the anode and the hard terminal as the cathode in the case of straight polarity. Conversely, when the polarity is reversed, the roles are switched, and the marking features the letter “X.”

The diodes of the D112 series adopt the RSD1 case type, which features an M5 thread and weighs 6 g. Standard ratings for the D112 series include D112-10, D112-10X, D112-16, D112-16X, D112-25, and D112-25X. To facilitate efficient heat dissipation, these diodes are assembled with coolers (radiators) using a threaded connection. During assembly, it is crucial to adhere to the specified torque, denoted as Md, to ensure reliable thermal and electrical contact between the diode and the cooler. Additionally, for enhanced heat dissipation, heat-conducting paste can be applied during assembly.

D112 power diodes find application as rectifying and demagnetizing diodes, serving to counteract the adverse effects of switching overvoltages. They are commonly employed in low-voltage rectifiers for welding and galvanic equipment, uncontrolled or semi-controlled rectifier bridges, and electric generators for both industrial and transport applications. Manufactured to withstand temperate, cold (UHL), or tropical (T) climates, these diodes fall under accommodation category 2.

Diode Normal/Reverse Polarity

LJD 11225 X16 UHL2 

  • LJ-MD 
  • Д Diode
  • 112 Series 
  • 25  Maximum permissible on-state current in amperes
  • X Polarity Identification: “X” denotes reverse; absence indicates normal polarity
  • 16 Class designation based on repetitive reverse voltage in hundreds of volts
  • UHL2 Class designation based on repetitive reverse voltage in hundreds of volts

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