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Russian Low Frequency Diode Д133-500 series

Introducing the Д133-500 Power Diode: a semiconductor, power, and rectifier diode with a low-frequency, diffusion-based, capsule design. It is meticulously crafted for operation in both direct current (DC) and alternating current (AC) power circuits, supporting frequencies up to 500 Hz and currents not exceeding 500 A across various general-purpose electrical applications.

This power diode, designated as Д133-500, finds its applications in powerful DC electric drives within industrial and transportation systems, as well as in rectifiers for electrolysis and electroplating, including uncontrolled and semi-controlled rectifier bridges.

Key design features include a sealed metal-ceramic housing in a capsule design, facilitating series and parallel connections. The flat anode and cathode bases, with polarity clearly indicated by a symbol on the diode body, ensure ease of installation. Effective cooling is achieved through forced cooling mechanisms, and the diode is housed in a PD32-type casing, compatible with recommended coolants such as O143, O232, and O242.

Operating seamlessly in ambient temperatures ranging from -60 to +50 °C, the Д133-500 power diode is produced in climatic versions “UHL” and “T,” falling under placement category “2” as per GOST 15150-69 standards.

The diode exhibits exceptional environmental endurance, with resistance to sinusoidal vibrations in the frequency range of 1-100 Hz, featuring an acceleration of 49 m/s². Additionally, it can withstand single shocks lasting 50 ms with an acceleration of 39.2 m/s².

When it comes to dimensions, the diode boasts a diameter of 54 mm and a height of 20 mm, with a weight not exceeding 180 g. Classified under the quality category “QTK,” it adheres to technical specifications TU16-2006 IEAL.432000.056TU.

For those seeking alternatives, foreign analogues of the D133-500-12 power diode include 501PDB-200, 501PDB-220, 501PDB-240, 501PDB-260, 501PDB-280, 501PDB-300, 501V120, 501V140, 501V160, 501V180, and 501V200.


LJД 1 3 3 500 12 

  • LJ-MD 
  • Д Diode
  • 1  Sequential Modification Number
  • 3  Diameter Designation of the Casing according to GOST 20859.1-89
  • 3 Designation of the Constructional Design of the casing according to GOST 20859.1-89
  • 500 Maximum permissible Average Forward Current, in Amperes
  • 12  Class based on Repetitive Reverse Voltage

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Maximum Operating Parameters of DiodesValues of Electrical Characteristics of Diodes
Tj = -60 ~ +175°C
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