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Overview: Fast thyristors in stud design by LJ-MD are high-performance switching semiconductor devices. These thyristors are designed for rapid switching, featuring enhanced di/dt resistance, low switching losses, and short turn-on and turn-off times.

Key Features:

  • Current Regulation and Conversion: Capable of regulating and converting DC and AC currents up to 250A within a frequency range of up to 10kHz in circuits with voltages up to 1400V, depending on the series.
  • High Current Ratings: Available in the following current ratings: 80A, 100A, 125A, 160A, 200A, and 250A.
  • Fast Switching: These devices have reduced tq, trr, and Qrr values and can handle diT/dt values up to 2500 A/µs, making them suitable for high-frequency applications (up to 10kHz).
  • Enhanced Performance: Characterized by very low turn-off times, they outperform standard models in applications requiring rapid switching.

Applications: Ideal for use in:

  • Welding
  • Induction heating and melting
  • Electric transportation
  • AC drives
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Other systems needing fast turn-on and turn-off times


  • Sealed Ceramic Housing: Ensures isolation of the functional part and semiconductor element from mechanical impacts and environmental factors.
  • Polarity: Clearly marked by icons on the case.
  • Cooling: Both air and water heat sinks can be used for cooling. Reliable thermal and electrical contact with the heat sink is achieved by observing the specified tightening torque (Md) during assembly. Heat-conducting paste is recommended for better heat dissipation.

Technical Specifications:

  • Voltage Range: 300V to 1400V
  • Current Range: 80A to 250A
  • Low Static and Dynamic Losses: High values of VDRM/VRRM.
  • Durability: High resistance to thermal and electric cycling.
  • Cooling Options: Natural or forced air cooling.

Additional Information:

  • Part Numbering Guide: Detailed guide available for proper selection.
  • Installation Recommendations: Comprehensive recommendations provided for optimal performance.
  • Quality Assurance: Each device comes with a quality guarantee, and if required, a quality declaration and certificate of conformity are provided.

Pricing: The final price of the fast thyristors depends on factors such as voltage class, quantity, delivery terms, manufacturer, country of origin, and form of payment.


  • Schematic diagrams and circuits of stud fast thyristors with Anode, Cathode, and control electrode (Gate)
  • Technical specifications, part numbering guide, polarity, dimensions, and recommended coolers for stud fast thyristors

Fast thyristors from LJ-MD are built with industry standards, ensuring reliability and performance across various demanding applications.


LJTF 271200147 6 2

  • LJ-MD
  • TF Fast Thyristor
  • 271 series
  • 200 A, IT(AV)
  • 14 *100V = VRRM
  • 7 Digital code of (dVD//dt)crit
  • 6 Digital code of tq
  • 2 Digital code of tgt
80 A
TypeIT(AV) (Tcase)VDRM
ITSMI2tdv/dtdi/dttqTvj maxRth(j-c)Md ±10%W
LJ-TF251-8080 (90)500-14001.612.8500-1000100020-251250.21015150
100 A
TypeIT(AV) (Tcase)VDRM
ITSMI2tdv/dtdi/dttqTvj maxRth(j-c)Md ±10%W
125 A
TypeIT(AV) (Tcase)VDRM
ITSMI2tdv/dtdi/dttqTvj maxRth(j-c)Md ±10%W
LJ-TF261-125125 (88)600-14004.580200-2500100016-321250.15025240
LJ-TF361-125125 (94)500-11003.561100050020-321250.14025240
160 A
TypeIT(AV) (Tcase)VDRM
ITSMI2tdv/dtdi/dttqTvj maxRth(j-c)Md ±10%W
LJ-TF261-160160 (83)600-14005.5140200-2500100020-401250.15025240
LJ-TF361-160160 (80)500-11004.080100050025-401250.14025240
200 A
TypeIT(AV) (Tcase)VDRM
ITSMI2tdv/dtdi/dttqTvj maxRth(j-c)Md ±10%W
LJ-TF271-200200 (95)300-14006.5210200-2500160020-401250.08530440
LJ-TF371-200200 (82)300-14006.0180100050012.5-401250.08430440
250 A
TypeIT(AV) (Tcase)VDRM
ITSMI2tdv/dtdi/dttqTvj maxRth(j-c)Md ±10%W
LJ-TF271-250250 (88)300-14007.0240200-2500160025-501250.08530440
LJ-TF371-250250 (80)300-14007.0245100050016-631250.08430440
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