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Our latest product, the MTC Thyristor Module, is designed to deliver exceptional performance through its advanced features. This module boasts electrically insulated chips and flooring, which enables it to handle AC voltages up to 2500V while adhering to international packaging standards. The full pressure junction structure of our module ensures superior temperature characteristics and power cycling capabilities. For modules under 350A, forced air cooling is required, while those exceeding 400A can be cooled using either air or water. Furthermore, installation and maintenance of our module are simple and straightforward. We have incorporated vacuum hydrogen gas protected welding technology to maximize its reliability.

Circuit diagram MTC
Circuit diagram MTC

LJM T C 25A 1600V

  • LJ-MD 
  • Module
  • Thyristor
  • C Series
  • 25A IT(AV)
  • 1600V VRRM

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LJ-MTC25A25400 - 26005051002.51.5/80101F
LJ-MTC55A55400 - 26005051002.51.5/80101F
LJ-MTC70A70400 - 26005051002.51.9/170201F
LJ-MTC90A90400 - 260010071002.51.9/270201F
LJ-MTC110A110400 - 2600100101002.51.9/330201F
LJ-MTC130A130400 - 2600100151502.51.9/410301F
LJ-MTC160A160400 - 2600100151502.51.9/480301F
LJ-MTC200A200400 - 2600100201802.51.9/600401F
LJ-MTC250A250400 - 2600100201802.51.9/750401F
LJ-MTC300A300400 - 2600100251802.51.9/900401F
LJ-MTC400A400400 - 2600100252003.01.9/1050501F
LJ-MTC500A500400 - 2600100252003.01.9/1500501F
LJ-MTC600A600400 - 2600100252003.01.9/2000601F
LJ-MTC800A800400 - 2600100302003.01.9/2400701F
LJ-MTC1000A1000400 - 2600100302003.01.9/3000701F
LJ-MTC500AH500400 - 2600100302003.01.9/1500901F
LJ-MTC800AH800400 - 2600100302003.01.9/2400111F
LJ-MTC1000AH1000400 - 2600100302003.01.9/3000701F
NB: H = with Water Cooling Heat Sink
Data of test at 25°C
For all Part Number:
- dv/dt = 800 V/µs
- IH = 100 mA
- Tjm = 125 °C
- Viso = 2500 V(AC)
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