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Introducing a cutting-edge series of thyristor modules designed to revolutionize power control and efficiency in diverse industrial applications. Our SKKT series stands as a hallmark of technological innovation, boasting robust performance, unparalleled reliability, and precise power management capabilities. Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, these modules represent the culmination of advanced design and engineering expertise, empowering businesses with seamless control over power systems. Embrace the future of efficient power management with our SKKT series thyristors, setting new standards for performance and reliability in the industry.

Circuit diagram MTC
Circuit Diagram: SKKT Series


  • LJ-MD 
  • SKKT Thyristors Series
  • 26A IT(AV)
  • 16E VRRM 1600V

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A (sin. 180; Tc = 85(100)°C)VA (P3/180; Ta=45°C; W1 / W3)A (Tvj = 25°C; 10ms)A (Tvj = 130°C; 10ms)A²S (Tvj = 25°C; 8, 3 ...10ms)A²S (Tvj = 130°C; 8, 3 ...10ms)
LJ-SKKT 1918(13)600-160042 / 3*30320280510390LJ1
LJ-SKKT 2018(13)800-160042 / 3*30320280510390LJ1
LJ-SKKT 2625(18)400-180052 / 3*3755048015001150LJ1
LJ-SKKT 2725(18)800-180052 / 3*3755048015001150LJ1
LJ-SKKT 4240(28)800-1800110 / 3*85100085050003600LJ1
LJ-SKKT 5650(35)400-1800130 / 3*10015001250110008000LJ1
LJ-SKKT 5750(35)800-1800130 / 3*10015001250110008000LJ1
LJ-SKKT 7170(50)600-1800155 / 3*115160014501300010500LJ1
LJ-SKKT 7270(50)800-1800155 / 3*115160014501300010500LJ1
LJ-SKKT 9195(68)400-1800190 / 3*135200017502000015000LJ1
LJ-SKKT 9295(68)800-1800190 / 3*135200017502000015000LJ1
LJ-SKKT 105106 (78)400-1800200 / 3*140225019002500018000LJ1
LJ-SKKT 106 106(78)800-1800200 / 3*140225019002500018000LJ1
LJ-SKKT 122129(92)800-1800235 / 3*160360032006480051200LJ2
LJ-SKKT 132137(96)800-1800240 / 3*1634700400011000080000LJ2
LJ-SKKT 162156(110)800-1800265 / 3*18554005000145000125000LJ2
LJ-SKKT 172172(124)1400-180054005000145000125000LJ2
LJ-SKKT 210230(167)800-2200526 / 3*44085007500361000281000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 213230(173)800-1800425 / 3*36085007500361000281000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 215230(173)800-1800425 / 3*36085007500361000281000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 250250(178)800-1800566 / 3*47190008000405000320000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 253253(191)800-1800465 / 3*40090008000405000320000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 273253(191)1200-180090008000405000320000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 280280(252)2000-220085007500361000281000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 323320(241)1200-160095008200450000336000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 330305(225)800-1800585 / 3*48595008000451000320000LJ3
LJ-SKKT 430440(305)1600-22003*63015000130001125000845000LJ4
LJ-SKKT 460460(335)800-18001800015500162000120000LJ4
LJ-SKKT 500540(390)800-1800850 / 3*670170001500014450001125000LJ4
LJ-SKKT 570570(435)1200-1800190001550018050001201250LJ4
LJ-MD reserves the right to change limits, test conditions and dimensions.
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