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Russian Low Frequency Thyristor T500 series

The T500 series power thyristor is a silicon semiconductor device designed for low-frequency operation in power circuits, featuring a diffusion p-n-p-n structure and a pill design. It is intended for use in both direct and alternating current power circuits with frequencies up to 500 Hz and a current strength not exceeding 500 A. The T500 series power thyristor is employed in static electric drive converters, high-voltage rectifier-inverter substations for transmission lines, as well as in direct and alternating current circuits of various power installations for general and special purposes.

Constructed in a metal-ceramic pill-shaped housing, the thyristor has flat bases serving as the anode and cathode. The polarity is determined by a symbol marked on the thyristor’s body. The thyristor requires forced cooling, and the recommended cooler types are 0243-150 and OM-104.

It is capable of operating in ambient temperatures ranging from -50 to +60 °C. The thyristor is manufactured in climatic versions “UHL” for placement category “2” and “T” for placement category “3” according to GOST 15150-69.

The T500 power thyristor can withstand sinusoidal vibrations in the frequency range of 1-100 Hz with an acceleration of 49 m/s² and multiple impacts lasting 2-15 ms with an acceleration of 147 m/s². The dimensional specifications are as follows:

  • Thyristor diameter: 73 mm
  • Contact surface diameter: 40 mm, 46 mm
  • Height: 22 mm

The thyristor’s weight is not more than 310 g. It falls under the quality categories “OTK” and “VP.” The technical specifications are:

  • For relays with acceptance “1,” in accordance with TU 16-529.863-74
  • For relays with acceptance “5,” in accordance with TU 16-729.029-76.
Thyristor Circuit Diagram

LJT 5006 

  • LJ-MD 
  • Thyristor
  • 500 Serial Number of the Structural Design, maximum current rating in open state, measured in amperes.
  • 320 Number Equal to the Maximum Current Value in the Open State in Amperes
  • 6 Class based on the repetitive voltage rating, denoted in hundreds of volts.

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Maximum permissible values of parameters at Tp=25°CParameter values at Tp=25°C
Tj = -60 ~ +125°C
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