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Russian Power Thyristor ТБИ773 Series

Fast-acting impulse thyristors TBI773 (TFI 773) are versatile disc-type thyristors designed to regulate and convert both DC and AC currents up to 1600A and 2000A with a frequency of up to 10kHz in circuits with voltages ranging from 2000V to 2800V.

These fast-acting impulse thyristors exhibit low turn-on and turn-off times and can efficiently switch current pulses with a high rate of rise (diT/dt)cr.

The housing type for TBI773 thyristors is T.F1 (PT73) with a contact surface diameter of Ø80mm, overall dimensions of Ø107×26±2mm, and a weight not exceeding 1210g. The thyristor’s polarity is identified by a marking on the housing.

The TBI773, TFI773 series thyristors come in variants such as TBI773-1600, TBI773-2000, TFI 773-1600, TFI 773-2000.

The thyristors are assembled with coolers using threaded connections. To minimize electrical losses and maximize heat dissipation, it is crucial to provide the necessary tightening torque, known as clamping force Fm – 45±5kN during assembly. The correspondence between the achieved clamping force and the required one is determined by the deflection of the traverse. For optimal heat dissipation during assembly, thermal conductive paste KPT-8 is used, although it is not a mandatory mounting condition.

Thyristors can be manufactured for operation in moderate, cold (HL) and tropical (T) climates.


LJTБИ 773160028 9 2 3 УХЛ2 

  • LJ-MD 
  • ТБИ Power thyristor
  • 773 Design, series
  • 1600 Average open current I T(AV)
  • 28  Maximum permissible on-state current in amperes
  • 9 Class designation based on repetitive reverse voltage in hundreds of volts
  • 2 Class designation based on repetitive reverse voltage in hundreds of volts
  • 3 Class designation based on repetitive reverse voltage in hundreds of volts
  • УХЛ2 Class designation based on repetitive reverse voltage in hundreds of volts
Circuit Diagram

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Tj = -60 ~ +125°C
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